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Maui’s Nancy Emerson, international professional surfing champion & Team will teach & will provide an incomparable service of teaching You & family to “Learn to Surf in One Lesson” on Maui & Oahu, Hawaii.

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Nancy Emerson started Hawaii’s first surfing school on Maui

Maui’s Nancy Emerson, international professional surfing champion, is the originator of the world famous “Learn to Surf in One Lesson” technique, which all started with her Maui surf lessons. Nancy started the very first professional surfing school in Hawaii in 1973 on the island of Maui. Coming to any of Nancy’s surf schools in Maui, Oahu or down under in Australia, you are able to have the best surfing conditions for the day.

Your Dreams Come True Learning to Surf in Perfect Waves in Hawaii!

Nancy’s Maui Aloha Surf Clinics are mobile and for every level surfer.  Whether you are stepping into the ocean for the first time, learning to Surf for the 1st time as a Beginner, wanting tips to progress as a Intermediate surfer or prepping for the next big surf competition Nancy’s team can help you!

Your personalized Maui surf lesson includes an ocean awareness, water safety briefing, learning how to begin to read the ocean, a demonstration on paddling techniques and learning how to stand up with a smooth Nancy Emerson “Learn To Surf In One Lesson” technique, how to turn, tips on how to get into waves, and of course, practice on to standing up and stay standing up! We want you to feel as comfortable as possible on your surfboard prior to getting in the ocean and this briefing gives you time to ask any surfing lessons related questions you may have. After paddling out to the break together, your Maui surf instructor will be there to coach and guide you into the waves. Their focus in the water will be on your safety as well as proper wave etiquette, surfing style, and technique.

Nancy Emerson’s surf coaches will have you learning to surf in the best waves for you! With so many people surfing on Maui & Oahu these days, it’s tremendously important to surf with Nancy Emerson’s personally trained team of accredited surfing instructors to get the best quality surfing instruction and surf coaches worldwide in very uncrowded conditions.

Nancy and her surfing coaches will provide an incomparable service for your child or teen and yourself that will tune up their skills and transform their progress to new heights of confidence and precision. Nancy and her chief coaches have the passion and patience to help with your surfing. They will improve your focus, determination, teach you a better understanding of reading the Ocean and how to prepare your goals to what you would like to accomplish. Being comfortable in the ocean and the surf is imperative for a successfully learning to surf. Nancy will personally speak with you before reserving your surfing lesson and will customize it accordingly.


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Each of Nancy’s surfing instructors will focus on the complete surfing experience. Ms. Emerson’s surf schools have a section on ocean awareness, which teaches you to learn to read the waves and currents from the beginning of your class. You will also learn about water safety in the ocean, surf etiquette and where it’s best for you to surf for your level of being a surfer.

This will provide you with a solid foundation for surfing. “We would also like for you to ask any surfing-related questions you may have prior to getting in the ocean or at any time… we’re here to answer any questions so you feel confident and ready for your surfing experience.”

To insure success, your Maui surf instructor will always be at your side. Once instruction has been given on the beach, you will paddle out to the break together, and sit side by side as you receive instruction on which waves to paddle for and when, board position and timing as well as etiquette, technique, surfing style and the various surf breaks. Their focus in the water is on your success, which means keeping the conditions fun and safe for you, thus guaranteeing you moving to your the next level with your surfing. The quality of your surf lesson or surfing clinic will give you personalized attention and individualized feedback after every wave, which ensures surfing success, even if it is your very first time surfing. By reaching your goals, you will gain a new heights of self-confidence, skill, precision and broaden your surfing experience and expression.

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Nancy and her surf coaches always teach and share with a close eye to the fine aspects of your form, style and with making sure you are getting the best foundation for your surfing to progress. For the experienced surfer who has hit their plateau with their surfing, Nancy and her surf coaches will share with you skills and techniques to move you through into your next level with your surfing, so you can continue to progress and have so much more fun in the waves!

So who is this remarkable woman? Surf champion and living legend, pioneer of women’s professional surfing, and woman’s surfing world tour competitor. She’s also a Hollywood stunt-woman, film producer, location manager, professional lifeguard, surf teacher, coach, businesswoman, friend, mentor – there are many ways to describe Nancy Emerson.. Nancy’s surf instructors are available for (2) two, (3) three or (5) hour surfing lessons, or three (3), five (5) or (7) day surf clinics or more.

Nancy Emerson is here to meet your needs on the islands of Maui or Oahu, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible on your surfboard whether you are a 1st time beginner or seasoned surfer who has hit a plateau with your surfing. Whatever your needs, we can help move you to the next level.

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Nancy offers Private and Semi-Private lessons, as well as, private group lessons for friends and family in segments of 2-5 hours and multi day surf clinics all of which are tailored to your needs.

If you want to have a girlfriends getaway, mother and daughter getaway, mother and son getaway, or dad and son or dad and daughter surfing getaway, Nancy can share with you all the options available for you. For example, you can request to learn about sustainable coastlines during your lesson. With this option, you learn about reducing waste and the need to keep beaches clean, an informative presentation on marine debris, coastal stewardship and single-use plastics. It’s all about solutions and this is what Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii will share with you to take back to your community.

“Our passion is sharing our beautiful Maui and Oahu waves, by teaching you to surf in an incredibly fun and safe environment. This way you return to the ocean with greater awareness, a deep love of the ocean, and a desire to continue expanding your surf experience. Nancy has had surf schools and held surf clinics worldwide for 35 years in places such as Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, Japan, Malibu & San Clemente, California, Florida, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Samoa and Australia. Currently, reservations are available for “ALOHA SURF CLINICS with Nancy Emerson” on the islands of Maui, Oahu and Big Island in Hawaii, as well as, on the Gold Coast at beautiful Kirra & Rainbow Bay of Australia.

This is a perfect way to learn to surf with the person or people you enjoy spending time with. And it’s a four to one person ratio with your surfing instructor. You have ample individual attention during your surf lesson or surf clinic to move forward at your own pace while sharing your Maui surf experience. There are also private group surf lessons on Maui and Oahu for your whole family and friends, but be sure to book your reservations ahead of time so you don’t miss out.

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